Our Mission

Beautiful Savior Lutheran is here to serve you. We pray that we can offer you a loving Christian family filled with people who cry with you when you are crying and rejoice with you when you are rejoicing. We care about your well-being. If you are in need of food, clothing, advice, and personal relationships that matter; then we are here to help.  

We think the best possible way to serve you is through the Gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible. It is our highest goal to take care of your spiritual needs.  

We believe that all people need a Savior because all people have failed to meet God’s requirements. God demands perfection and there is not a single person who is perfect.  But at Beautiful Savior we have hope. God offers Christ’s perfection for our imperfection. He offers Christ’s death for our life. He offers forgiveness for our wrongs. He offers us a home with him, because Jesus made his home among us.  Find all that God offers here at Beautiful Savior. Find a love that never disappoints. Find a joy that cannot be stolen or crushed. Find a perspective that gives true wisdom. Find a friend who never fails.  We pray that we will be able to serve you.